Places to visit in Marseille

places to visit in marseille

Explore Marseille Map and City Guide

An application to facilitate your stay and discovery of Marseille.

You can search, find and discover places, companies and businesses around you.

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Explore Marseille Map and City Guide is an application to facilitate your visit, stay and discovery of Marseille. You can search, find and discover places, companies and businesses around you.

Since Explore Marseille is a “Find Places Around Me” mobile application, you should use it while visiting Marseille. If you want to try it in your current location, you can always install a “Fake GPS” app and setup your new location in the city of Marseille.

Grit and magnificence exist side-by-side flawlessly in Marseille, a heartily multicultural port city with a pedigree stretching back to classical Greece and also a reasonable claim to the mantle of France’s 2nd city. When viewed as somewhat filthy and also harmful, and also lacking the glamour of Cannes or St-Tropez, this outcast of the Provençal shoreline has actually blossomed in social confidence given that its 2013 job as the European Capital of Society. The enhancement of a support of fancy new galleries is simply the exterior sign of a positive outlook and also self-belief that’s nearly apparent.

Marseille’s heart is the dynamic Vieux Port (old port), mast-to-mast with private yachts as well as pleasure boats. Just uphill is the old Le Panier neighbourhood, the oldest section of the city. Likewise worth a discover is the République quarter, with its elegant shops and also Haussmannian structures, and also the Joliette location, centred on Marseille’s totemic Cathédrale de Marseille Notre Dame de la Major.

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Marseille city guide

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